GSA seeks to integrate blockchain in gambling

27 April 2018

The Gaming Standards Association’s (GSA) new Blockchain Technical Committee has set out plans to integrate the technology into the gaming industry.

Formed earlier this year, the committee will focus on blockchain and advise on areas where standards could potentially be developed.

The committee recently staged its inaugural meeting in London, England, where members discussed the potential of blockchain and how it can modernise online and land-based gaming, as well as lotteries.

In addition, the committee said blockchain will be the “driving force” in the soon-to-be-announced GSA Technology Forum, which is due to take place later this year.

Earle Hall, chief executive of AxesNetwork, who was recently named chair of the new committee, said: “The spirit of collaboration among the members of this committee was groundbreaking, as everyone understands the mission critical responsibilities for the future of the global gaming industry.

“The enthusiasm and understanding of the task of the committee were infectious, and by the end of the day, each member was functioning as a collective to positively impact our industry and lead our members into the blockchain era.”

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