GambleAware launches new safer gambling initiatives

8 July 2020

UK gambling industry charity GambleAware has launched two new initiatives to raise awareness for its Safer Gambling Campaign and the National Gambling Treatment Service.

Following the return of football in the UK after the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) shutdown, the first of the new campaigns will focus on making punters aware of the risks of impulsive betting.

The campaign will encourage people to think twice before placing a bet, referring to GambleAware’s existing #BetRegret initiative. Content will run across Sky’s YouTube channel and Twitter page, alongside other digital platforms.

Meanwhile, GambleAware will also promote the National Gambling Treatment Service by running new advertising content across radio, digital platforms, as well as in national and regional press, throughout July and August.

Under the tagline ‘Start to regain control’, the campaign will focus on the all-consuming nature of gambling, using the line “when you’re there, but not there”. 

Content will focus on how people with gambling problems feel disconnected from their family and friends, but aim to promote how treatment is easy to access and will help people overcome their struggles with gambling.

Activities will be targeted at men aged between 25 and 54 years old, with a focus on men aged 25-34, with the aim of directing people to the National Gambling Treatment Service and building awareness of the National Gambling Helpline.

Other aims include boosting awareness of the support that is available to help moderate risky gambling behaviour and to treat problem gambling, as well as increasing knowledge of the signs that someone may be suffering with gambling problems.

The National Gambling Treatment Service works with the UK’s National Health Service to deliver help to those with gambling problems. It is free at the point of delivery, and provides telephone, online and face-to-face treatment for people and groups.

The launch of the new initiatives comes after GambleAware this week also called on the government, financial institutions and regulators to ensure all consumers have the ability to block gambling transactions, after a new study estimated that 28m personal bank accounts in the UK do not yet have access to such tools.

Carried out by researchers at the University of Bristol's Personal Finance Research Centre (PFRC), A Blueprint for Bank Card Gambling Blockers found that eight banks currently offer gambling transaction blocking technology. This covers 60% of personal current accounts in the UK, representing roughly 49m accounts.