Future of CA betting bill in question as hearing delayed

18 June 2020

California residents will have to wait further for an update on the status of legal sports betting in  the state, as the latest hearing on bill SCA 6 has been pushed back to June 23.

SCA 6 – proposed by Bill Dodd – sets out plans to allow for a statewide referendum on the sports betting, which would have to be backed by two-thirds of voters before it could come into law.

The bill was approved by the California Senate Committee on Government Organization on 3 June, but on 9 June, it was placed on the California legislature’s suspense file as it had a fiscal impact of more than $50,000.

Bills placed on the suspense file face a hearing from the Appropriations Committee after the state budget is announced. At this hearing, the Appropriations Committee selects the bills that will be taken off the file and move forward, while the remaining bills die. This hearing and the votes on each bill are not public.

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