FunFair debuts blockchain platform with first external partner

20 June 2019

FunFair Technologies has seen its blockchain-powered platform go live with its first fully external white label partner, Crypto Casino.

The new RakeTheRake brand is targeted at the millennial blockchain casino audience, and will have access to FunFair’s audience of 65,000 FUN token holders.

The site is affiliate RakeTheRake’s first foray into both the online casino space as well as blockchain, with its previous focus being on online poker.

Gaming entrepreneur Jez San (pictured), co-founder at Singapore-based FunFair, said: “Crypto Casino’s launch is a major landmark on the FunFair roadmap and we’re excited to partner with expert marketeers in RakeTheRake who will drive further adoption to our gaming ecosystem.

“We continue to update our platform to ensure it’s as user-friendly for those with and without crypto knowledge and working on the next steps with RakeTheRake and its Crypto Casino players will confirm our position as the leading blockchain gaming provider.”

FunFair’s platform was first demonstrated by the CasinoFair site which operates under the same umbrella.

Karim Wilkins, founder and chief executive at RakeTheRake, said: “Becoming FunFair’s first white label with Crypto Casino gives us great satisfaction.

“We’re extremely confident in our brand, the platform and the innovative affiliate technology, and we can’t wait to take CryptoCasino and its players to the moon.”

FunFair founder San is an English game programmer and entrepreneur who launched Argonaut Software in the 1980s, making several prominent games for Atari computers. He founded 3D poker operator PKR, which launched in 2006, then FunFair in 2017 with igaming and PKR veterans Jeremy Longley and Oliver Hopton.