FSB Technology signs with GridGain

13 February 2018

Sports betting platform provider FSB Technology has entered into a partnership with in-memory computing solutions specialist GridGain Systems.

Under the deal, FSB will now utilise the GridGain Enterprise Edition to support the real-time performance and scalability of its PostgreSQL-based system.

Based on Apache Ignite, the in-memory computing platform enables massive scale-out of data-intensive applications.

In addition, FSB will be able to take advantage of the GridGain support services.

“GridGain has enabled us to provide a high performance, highly responsive, and highly available hosted platform for our partners,” FSB chief technology officer Sam Lawrence said.

“GridGain’s ability to dynamically add and subtract nodes in the cloud has been critical to cost-effectively scaling our business and meeting our performance goals, even during extreme usage spikes, such as the annual Grand National.

“Distributing our cluster across multiple data centres has ensured availability.”

Abe Kleinfeld, president and chief executive of GridGain, added: “Delivering real-time performance and massive scalability for managed and hosted services in the face of rapid growth is a challenge now faced across nearly every industry as web-scale applications are becoming pervasive.

“The GridGain in-memory computing platform provides an essential solution to this challenge by eliminating the processing bottlenecks inherent in applications built on disk-based databases.”

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