FREE WEBINAR: The Fraudsters' Playbook: How Fraudsters Steal Identities

3 December 2013

Fraudsters love online gaming, both in their work and in their spare time. Jumio, the ID and payments validation specialists, are releasing a new white paper, the Fraudsters' Playbook, which exposes how fraudsters are stealing identities to fuel card fraud crime sprees.

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 - 3PM-4PM GMT

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At the same time, the sign up and account opening process for igaming customers is critical for operators, as research shows that close to 66% of consumers making purchases on their smartphones or tablets have regularly abandoned their purchases during the payment process.

As users' web experiences evolve, so do their expectations, one of the most important being the ease with which they can navigate the ID verification and checking process and what they expect from merchants in terms of anti-fraud measures.

iGaming Business will be hosting a webinar with David Pope, Marketing Director at Jumio on 10th December at 3 PM that will look into how operators can facilitate the ID checking process for their customers while ensuring the risk of fraud is minimised.

Is this webinar you will learn:

  • How fraudsters steal identities and how you can stop them whilst increasing conversion to deposit.
  • Five ways in which fraudsters steal identities: the coffee shop wifi hack, the local government census, social media techniques, the offer you can't refuse, the catchers supermarkets.
  • How to improve conversion to deposit and prevent fraud at the same time.

Please note that everyone who registers for the webinar will be sent the recording and presentation material.

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