Everi secures payment protection deal with Infoblox

14 April 2016

Casino services company Everi has entered into a wide-ranging partnership with network protection specialist Infoblox.

Under the agreement, the terms of which were undisclosed, Infoblox will protect approximately $20 billion (€17.8 billion) in gaming-related transactions each year.

Everi provides software and payment services for over 1,100 gaming locations in 36 countries around the world, including every casino on the Las Vegas Strip and 90% of casinos throughout the US.

The company has suffered an increase in attacks on its networks during the past eight months, with as many as 8,000 domain name system (DNS) attacks per day.

Infoblox will deploy its ‘Internal DNS Security’ solution to help fend off attacks, while Everi will also be able to utilise the firm’s NetMRI and Reporting Server tools.

“Traditional firewalls and anti-virus software don't prevent these attacks,” Everi chief information security officer and vice-president of infrastructure, T.J. Short, said.

“The attackers are getting smarter every day; they're getting new tools, new ideas, new concepts, so we have to have defences that are leading edge, that can change, adapt, and update very quickly.

“We did a comparison of multiple ways of protecting our DNS, and Infoblox came out on top, well above the competition.”

Ashish Gupta, chief marketing officer at Infoblox, added: “Whether a company is just starting to realise its potential or is a billion-dollar global powerhouse, the reality of today's digital economy is that constant attacks are the norm.

“Infoblox helps organisations take control of their network security, so they can focus more on what truly matters-serving their customers and growing their business.”

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