Eurobet brings 'Super Live Soccer' to Italy

2 June 2017

Online betting company Eurobet has launched Metric Gaming’s 'Super Live Soccer' content in Italy.

Eurobet has brought real-time betting to Italy for the first time, with 250 additional markets per 90 minutes of football.

Super Live Soccer is a fully automated solution provided by feed, and is available on 3,000 matches per month, with the potential to run 100 Super Live matches at the same time.

Customers will be able to bet on one- and five-minute intervals, placing wagers such as what the next set piece will be.

Bets can be placed up to 10 seconds before any of the seven available markets close.

Metric Gaming will provide Italian punters with opportunity to bet on the current market, as well as the next two within the same market.

Carlo di Maio, sportsbook director of Eurobet, said: “Metric have finessed the product, made it easier to integrate and it’s a product we believe has huge potential in Italy.

"Super Live is a welcome addition to our soccer product suite and allows our marketing teams a huge opportunity to speak to customers, current and potential about a highly competitive engaging product, which is available on all our platforms.”

Conall McSorley, commercial director at Metric Gaming, added: “The Italian marketplace is hugely underserved in terms of immediate gratification, rapid fire content and we are keen to see these markets do as well in Italy as they have elsewhere.”

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