DraftKings secures data deal with Opta

6 November 2015

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) operator DraftKings has entered into a partnership with sports data provider Opta.

Under the deal, the data company will supply DraftKings live football performance statistics for the English Premier League, North America’s Major League Soccer and the Uefa Champions League European club competition.

DraftKings will use the data to allow users to select a larger team of players with whom to compete.

Previously, users could only pick a team of eight, but this will now be increased to a full-size 11-player team featuring a goalkeeper, three defenders, three midfielders, two forwards and two utility players.

In addition, scoring categories will now include statistics on tackles and passes intercepted.

“DraftKings partnership with Opta marks one of many steps we are taking to adapt our product as we work to serve and excite new audiences around the world,” DraftKings vice-president of games Mark Nerenberg said.

“Opta’s renowned sports data and analysis capabilities will enhance our games, making them more dynamic for our fans and further establish our offerings as the true leader in DFS.”

Angus McNab, vice-president of content North America at Perform Group, the parent company of Opta, added: “The daily fantasy space has shown some real innovation in recent times and we are delighted to be working with DraftKings, one of the leaders in this field.”

Meanwhile, DraftKings has also entered into a partnership with consumer engagement solutions provider SignalShare in an effort to reach more consumers during major sports events.

Under the agreement, DraftKings will have access to the SignalShare consumer engagement platform, which uses wireless networks at sports stadiums to give advertisers the ability to place their content in front of fans on their mobile devices during the event.

SignalShare will display a DraftKings advert to every participant who logs on to its network during sporting events.

SignalShare will host DraftKings advertisements at participating arenas during the opening weeks of North America’s NHL ice hockey and NBA basketball seasons.

DraftKings said this will enable it to reach potential customers who are already using their mobile devices during the event to browse sports statistics, upload photos to social media and communicate with others.

The SignalShare consumer engagement platform will also allow DraftKings to see who is viewing its adverts, which will in turn help support tailored promotions in the future.

Jeremy Elbaum, vice-president of business development at DraftKings, said: "The SignalShare consumer engagement platform opens the door for innovative advertising opportunities and greater connectivity to our customers.

“We look forward to leveraging the SignalShare platform to expand our business, continue building a user base and introduce a new world of fantasy sports to existing sports fans.”

Aaron Dobrinsky, chief executive of SignalShare, added: “Through this partnership, DraftKings is able to reach and engage with audiences in a way they've never been able to before: by appearing directly on fans' mobile devices when they're most invested in sports.

“As a result, fans have access to a stream of timely, relevant advertising content and advertisers like DraftKings are able to get in front of thousands of potential leads.”

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