Digital Sports Tech launches Player Props with

6 June 2016

Digital Sports Tech, a B2B provider of sports betting solutions, has launched its ‘Player Props’ product with Australian gambling operator

Player Props, which Digital Sports Tech said is the first service of its kind in the world, enables punters to create and customise their own proposition bets on any player and statistic. will now make the product available to customers in Australia, with punters able to wager on sports such as football, basketball, rugby league, Australian rules football and American football.

“There’s huge potential in customised bets on players and we’ve been really impressed with Digital Sports Tech, both their products and the speed and simplicity of the integration, which took just over three weeks,” founder Brett Luntz said.

“The modern day punter quite rightly demands more and Player Props gives them the perfect opportunity to create interesting, personalised bets.”

Ari Lewski, executive director at Digital Sports Tech, added: “The real power of the product is that it is a personalised betting experience that puts punters in control by allowing them, for the very first time, to bet on exactly what they want and are most interested in.

“We see it as the first legitimate bridge between fantasy and sports betting, as it appeals to recreational users and produces a far deeper level of fan engagement than other products.

“It is also inherently social, as users will want to share their customised bets with friends.”