Delaware House passes daily fantasy sports bill

29 June 2017

Delaware has taken a step closer to introducing a regulated daily fantasy sports (DFS) market after a bill was passed in the US state’s House.

Sponsored by state Representative Charles Potter, the bill would legalise DFS in Delaware and allow consumers in the state to take part in paid-for contests.

The bill was passed by a voted of 28-6 by the House and will now move forward.

In July of last year, Delaware Attorney General Matthew Dean sent cease-and-desist letters to DFS operators that were active in the state ordering them to stop offering paid-for competitions to consumers.

Speaking after the House vote this week, sponsor Potter said: “It gives Delaware an opportunity to make sure everything is legal, because you have people playing sports, betting on something that’s not regulated, and we want to make sure its regulated, and it’s an opportunity for people to enjoy the sport and for the state to generate some revenue.”

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