Delaware falls short of online gambling revenue target

14 July 2014

Regulators in Delaware have reported that the US state’s regulated online gambling service has fallen significantly short of revenue targets during the first fiscal year of its launch.

According to the News Journal, online gambling in Delaware has generated just $1.2 million (€880,754) in revenue since the first video lottery and table games were launched in November last year.

The amount is well short of the $5 million that was initially set by state regulators.

Delaware’s return after startup and vendor fees accumulated to just $318,000.

Regulators have accordingly adjusted their projection for fiscal year 2015, forecasting $3.3 million in online gaming revenue.

However, this figure is still below the amount required for casinos to actually make money from offering such online gaming.

Under state regulations, Delaware collects 100% of the first £3.75 million in revenue each year.

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