D.C. court temporarily suspends Intralot contract

27 September 2019

A Washington D.C. court has temporarily suspended Greek lottery operator Intralot’s contract to operate lottery services and sports betting in the district, indicating that there is “substantial likelihood” that a lawsuit alleging the deal violates federal law succeeds.

The ruling comes as part of mobile app developer Dylan Carragher’s lawsuit against the District, arguing the deal violates the Home Rule Act that established the powers of Washington D.C.

Carragher ⁠— who has created a sports betting app of his own ⁠— argues that the no-bid nature of the Intralot deal “ultimately violates DC citizens’ rights to receive fair and competitive prices for the contractual services provided to the government.” The lawsuit is taking place in the Superior Civil Court of the District of Columbia.

The temporary restraining order (TRO) lasts for two weeks forces the District to “refrain from performing under the sports betting and lottery contract it has in place with Intralot,” according to Judge Joan Zeldon’s ruling.

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