Danish regulator publishes new responsible gambling guide

3 January 2020

Spillemyndigheden, the Danish gaming authority, has published a new guide on responsible gambling, including interpretations of how licensees should comply with responsible gambling rules.

The guide states that that licence holders have an obligation to prevent problem gambling, to recognise potential problem gamblers among their players and to help those players who may have a problem with their gambling.

Spillemyndigheden’s guide clarifies some existing rules put in place by executive orders on online gambling and land-based casinos. It outlines that information that must be displayed on a licensee’s website, such as a reminder that a player must be 18, access to a self-test for gambling addiction and information about treatment for gambling addiction, must be displayed anywhere the licensee offers games.

In addition, licensees must link to all state-supported gambling treatment facilities, rather than just one and information about national self-exclusion register ROFUS must clearly outline what the register does.

A clock showing how long the user has been playing, which must be available on gambling websites, must be available on the screen at all times, with no option to scroll way from it.

As well as this, the guide clarifies that deposit limits must be set solely by the player, rather than choosing options set by the operator.

The guide also mentions that players who request bonuses should be recognised as possible problem gamblers, as it is likely that they wish to play but cannot afford to do so.

The guide adds that it is of particular importance to make sure that those under the age of 18 do not gamble, and therefore it is extremely important to ensure that ID checks are thorough.

In addition, the guide makes licensees aware of resources such as ROFUS and gambling helpline StopSpillet, which exist to prevent problem gambling.

The guide will be continually updated as rules and practices are added or changed.

In March 2019, Danish operators published a voluntary code of conduct, with the aim of strengthening consumer protection and lowering the risk of gambling addiction in the country. The code came into effect on 1 July 2019.