Danish regulator launches new gambling addiction campaign

2 December 2019

Danish gambling regulator Spillemyndigheden has launched a new campaign to promote its ‘StopSpillet’ gaming addiction programme and encourage people to seek help.

Launched in January, StopSpillet is a helpline that has so far taken almost 700 calls from consumers suffering with, or know someone who is struggling with, issues related to gambling addiction.

The new ‘Pokerfjæs’ campaign will feature three 30-second video adverts that will run across national television, social media and streaming services, with the aim of promoting how StopSpillet can help consumers.

Each film depicts three different people – a father, a mother and young footballer – in everyday situations, but all will be depicted as hiding their gambling habits from friends and family. A voiceover will inform viewers of their inner thoughts about their gambling problems.

Spillemyndigheden will demonstrate how StopSpillet can help consumers, with the campaign to run with the tagline of ‘If you can't say it out loud you can tell us’.

Meanwhile, the regulator also confirmed that it is to trial a new chat feature on the StopSpillet website. The tool will allow consumers to chat online with an expert advisor.

In September, Spillemyndigheden hailed the success of StopSpillet, saying that 348 calls had been made in the six months to 30 June, though this number has risen significantly since July, with a further 152 calls made for the period to 11 September.

Of the 500 calls, made during the period, 46% were players and 39% relatives of gamblers. A further 5% were healthcare professionals, and 10% called for advice on gambling.

Men comprised the vast majority of callers at 85%, with 15% women. However, for relatives calling on behalf of gamblers, women dominate, comprising 69% of callers.