Covid-19: iGaming gross win to reach $100bn in five years

31 July 2020

H2 Gambling Capital has announced a slight upgrade to its projections for 2020 global gambling gross win this week, while igaming revenue is now expected to break $100bn (£76.2bn/€84.3bn) within five years.

In an update that marks six months since H2 started accounting for the impact of novel coronavirus (Covid-19), gross win for 2020 is now expected to come in at $357.4bn, according to iGB’s principal data partner.

This represents an improvement of $420m on last week’s figures, and means industry revenue for the year to fall 24.5% below H2’s pre-pandemic forecasts, or 21.2% down from 2019. To put this in context, it means 2020 gross win would fall between 2010 and 2011 levels.

While projections for Asian revenue are unchanged, with a 28.1% decline on original forecasts expected, there were marginal upgrades for Europe and the US. European gross win is expected to come in 22.3% below pre-Covid projections (a marginal improvement on last week’s 22.4% fall).

For North America, H2 now predicts a 20.7% decline, compared to last week’s 20.9%.

While online’s share of gross win for 2020 remains unchanged week-over-week at 17.6% of gross win, H2 expects to see the channel’s gross win contribution pass $100bn within five years.

“That is some achievement seeing as it only broke through the $50bn mark in 2018,” H2 noted.