Covid-19: FY expectations downgraded to $356.9bn

23 July 2020

H2 Gambling Capital downgraded its annual expectations for the global gambling sector by a further $780m to $356.9bn this week.

iGB’s principal data partner now expects global gambling gross win to come in -24.6% below its pre-pandemic forecast and -21% behind the 2019 figure (see interactive Charts 2 and 7 below).

The data specialist said the trends to date served to strengthen its view that the online channel was going to play a more important role for the gambling sector in the post-Covid environment.

“H2 expects online to claw back c$34bn-$36bn (7-8% upside on our pre-Covid 19 expectations) of the c$290bn-$300bn (9-10%) hole left by fall in land-based activity in the coming six years”, it said in its commentary

Further, it said it expected global online gambling to grow by 300% (9.6% CAGR) over the 15 years from 2010-2025 compared to 50% for all gambling and only 30% for land-based.