Colossus Bets unveils new charitable initiative

25 July 2019

Pools betting solutions provider Colossus Bets has launched a new corporate social responsiblity (CSR) initiative to support three high-profile charitable organisations.

Through Conscious Colossus, the supplier is to provide fund and raise awarness for Young Gamers & Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM), the Greyhound Trust and Alive and Kicking.

YGAM helps inform, educate and safeguard young people against problematic gambling and social gaming, while the Greyhound Trust helps rehome greyhounds after they have finished their racing career. Alive and Kicking, meanwhile, manufactures balls for a range of sports in Kenya, Zambia and Ghana, helping to provide jobs for people in each country, as well as using sports to promote health education.

It will promote each charity through its media channels and run fundraising campaigns, with the idea of establishing long-term partnerships with each organisation.

“As a company, we are fortunate to provide an inherently responsible product with a low impact ethos designed to minimise problem gambling,” Colossus Bets chief operating officer, Eva Karagianni-Goel, said. “But for a while, we’ve also talked about taking a stance on what it means to be a responsible company in a far broader sense and this is how Conscious Colossus came to be.

“The scheme is about engaging with causes that are close to our hearts as citizens and humans, not just providers of a gambling product, and we are really excited to start this journey with three amazing charities that have impressed us with their spirit and impact.”