Cambodia to cease online gambling licensing

19 August 2019

The Cambodian Government has announced that it is to stop issuing new online gambling licences in the country with immediate effect.

Cambodian Prime Minister, Hun Sen, signed a directive yesterday (August 18), as part of an effort to clamp down on illegal gambling activities in the Asian nation.

It said that while many operators had secured licences - local media has estimated that more than 150 have been awarded - there were a significant number of illegal operators active in the country, targeting Cambodian and foreign players.

In particular the province of Shihanouk was said to be a preferred base for illegal operators, and were using igaming to cheat and extort money from players, affecting the country's social order, the directive said.

Published by Cambodia Express News, the directive states that the government will no longer issue or renew licences, or update gambling regulations. Licensees will be allowed to continue to operate until their certification expires, after which they must shut down operations in the country.

The directive also instructs law enforcement officials to intensify their search for unlicensed operators and crack down on illegal activity where it was found.