Burnett exits top regulatory role in Nevada

12 December 2017

A.G. Burnett has resigned as chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board in order to take up a role with law firm McDonald Carano

Burnett will officially leave the US state’s regulatory body on December 22, with the organisation to name a replacement at a later date.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval confirmed the news in a statement on his website and paid tribute to Burnett’s impact on gambling in the state.

“Following a nearly 20-year career in gaming regulation I have elected to retire from state service. It has been an honour to serve as chairman of the Gaming Control Board and I would like to thank Governor Sandoval for his constant support and faith in my ability,” Burnett said.

“During my tenure, the Gaming Control Board has handled unprecedented regulatory challenges, effected numerous regulatory and statutory changes to accommodate shifts in technology, and addressed issues such as internet gaming, nightclub regulation and policy regarding cannabis in connection with gaming.

“I am proud of the work we have done, what we have accomplished and would like to express my gratitude to the Control Board staff for their tireless work on behalf of our state.”

Governor Sandoval added: “A.G. was a fair and thoughtful regulator who impressively balanced the roles of top gaming watchdog with ensuring that our state’s leading industry maintained flexibility to innovate and achieve forward progress.

“He was respected by both his peers and the industry he served and I know that he will look back on his career in public service with pride.

“I would like to thank A.G. for his service to our state and wish him all the best as he begins a new chapter at McDonald Carano.”

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