BOS reports Svenska Spel to consumer ombudsman

21 June 2019

Swedish operator association Branschföreningen för onlinespel (BOS) has reported Svenska Spel and national free-to-air television network TV4 to the country’s consumer ombudsman for failing to include responsible gaming information in TV segments promoting Triss instant win products.

BOS, in a report filed with the Konsumentombudsmannen (KO), has said Svenska Spel and TV4 are in breach of Chapter 3 of the Swedish Games Act as the advertorial content did not refer to the 18+ age limit for players or include information about the national problem gambling helpline.

Svenska Spel and TV4 are also accused of breaching Section 9 of the Swedish Marketing Act as information about a product is missing from the segments.

Finally, BOS has said the TV spots were broadcast in breach of Chapter 1 Section 5 of Swedish gambling industry guidelines, which states that marketing must not exaggerate the opportunities for profit or present the product as if the player is guaranteed to win.

BOS secretary general Gustaf Hoffstedt said it is “outrageous” that Svenska Spel, as an operator owned by the state in Sweden, is seemingly ignoring Swedish marketing regulations.

“It is very important that KO puts its foot down and points out that advertising spots with editorial collaborations will also follow the Swedish Gaming Act and the Marketing Act, as well as the industry's own regulations,” Hoffstedt said.

“Unless this is the case, consumer protection is overridden and it becomes clear to any gaming company whatsoever to hide their advertising in editorial collaborations, and thus ignore both laws and industry agreements," he explained. "BOS works for a healthy and safe gaming market for Swedish gaming consumers. We therefore welcome the regulatory enhancements for the gaming market in consumer protection that have been added in recent years.”

Last month, BOS also filed a report with Sweden’s TV, radio and press regulator for Svenska Spel failing to include responsible gaming information in TV segments promoting its Triss, Keno and Lotto products.