BGO moves to bolster responsible gambling strategy

28 February 2018

BGO Entertainment has linked up with Rightlander in an effort to enhance its responsible gambling measures.

Under the deal, Rightlander, an affiliate landing page tracker, will work with BGO to help the operator improve affiliate compliance.

Rightlander technology scans a website and constructs a list of locations where an operator’s brand is either mentioned or linked to.

BGO said this will enable it to view affiliate websites linking to its pages that it is not aware of and ensure all linked sites are compliant and acting responsibly.

“We understand the importance of making sure that consumers get the right information about the offers that our affiliate partners promote for us on our behalf,” BGO chief marketing officer Allan Turner said.

"So, to make sure that is the case, we have partnered with Rightlander to help us ensure that every listing for our sites is accurate and compliant with Gambling Commission guidance.”

Rightlander founder Ian Sims added: “Online casino operators understand the onus is on them to ensure the affiliates sending traffic to their sites are acting responsibly, but monitoring and managing all of this is a tall order.

“The Rightlander platforms takes the hassle out of ensuring affiliate compliance, and we are thrilled to be working with BGO to help them improve their processes and to better manage their affiliate partners.”

The move comes after BGO in October opted to scrap wagering requirements, max stakes and max bets in a bid to improve its relationship with customers.

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