Better Collective confirms Danish acquisition

4 April 2018

Better Collective has purchased the Danish affiliate activities from Xperten and Xpert.

The digital platforms developer said that the acquisition, its second this year, will help to strengthen its position in its native Denmark.

Xperten and Xpert boast a portfolio with a number of major Danish brands, such as

The two companies will remain involved with the acquired portfolio of sites over the next 12 months while they are integrated into the pre-established working systems for Danish products and sites at Better Collective’.

Jesper Søgaard, chief executive and co-founder of Better Collective, said: “We have always been strong in the Danish market, but acquiring the Danish activities from Xperten and Xpert makes us the unquestionable market leader here in Denmark.

“Our long term M&A strategy has always been to further strengthen our position at the top of the European igaming affiliate market.”

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