Betsson enhances responsibility measures with new platform

30 October 2019

Gambling operator Betsson AB has launched a new social impact website as part of an ongoing drive to improve its responsible gambling measures and report its corporate social responsiblity efforts to stakeholders. outlines the operator’s commitments, actions and initiatives to promote responsible gaming, as well as how it contributes to wider society.

The site primarily focuses on three key areas, the first of which - Responsible Gaming - lists the various tools that Betsson offers to its customers. The section also offers advice as to how players can keep gambling fun and safe.

Betsson also addresses Local Community Engagement, with this section listing the key initiatives that the operator supports in the territories where it has offices, showcasing projects in Sweden, Malta, Estonia, Georgia, and Hungary.

In addition, the third section on focuses on Partnerships, with the operator displaying examples of how it collaborates with teams, individual athletes and entertainers to get people involved in sport.

“We have always been at the forefront of responsible gaming and corporate social responsibility, and with this new website we are offering complete transparency in terms of social impact initiatives that we’re part of and hope that by doing so, others will follow suite,” Betsson Operations chief executive Jesper Svensson said.

The launch of the new site comes after Betsson earlier this year also announced the formation of Local Community Engagement, a global strategy that focuses on establishing location-based committees at its offices across the globe.

“At Betsson, we have always been involved in and contributed to the societies where we are located,” Svensson said. “We believe that by working together in a structured way, we as a company can make a bigger, social impact.”