Betinvest claims industry first with esports betting iFrame

5 March 2019

Sports betting solutions provider Betinvest has rolled out what it says is the first customisable sportsbook iframe technology, designed specifically for the esports market.

Clients can use the iframe, a box which sits within a website and pulls through content from another source, to instantly add a betting feature to esports sites. 

Companies will be able to customise the look and feel of the iframe to reflect their own branding, as well as use marketing features to develop promotional campaigns and drive betting activity. 

It also incorporates a range of security controls, to keep customers' data safe while betting. 

Valentyn Kyrylenko (pictured), vice-president of business development at Betinvest, has said that the new solution has been designed to make integrating a sportsbook seamless.

“With its sportsbook management function it gives operators the opportunity to use a variety of different tools, such as creating business reports, teasers and promotions, as well as being able to see the turnover for both betting and other activities,” Kyrylenko explained. “I think that the sportsbook iframe has the potential to be one of the most profitable products in gaming. It makes the process of starting a sportsbook business very simple.

Key to this, he said, was the fact that those using the iframe only needed to handle customer management, with Betinvest handling all operational, technological and trading-related elements. 

“This technology is very promising for the whole gaming industry as it gives us the opportunity to help expand businesses even faster across the world,” he added.