Bet365 has licence revoked in Romania

16 October 2015

Bet365 has become the second major online gaming operator this week to have been blacklisted in Romania, with the brand also having its licence in the country revoked.

As reported by iGaming Business, on Monday was blacklisted by the country’s online gaming regulator despite having been provisionally approved for a Romanian internet gambling licence.

The Romanian National Office for Gambling has now confirmed that Bet365 will also be added to the country’s blacklist and its licence to offer online gambling services in the country was withdrawn.

The reasons were not spelled out but it is thought that they are the same as those in the bwin case, where the operator continued accepting bets from Romania-based players instead of postponing activities until give the official green light by the country's igaming authorities.   

Players have until the end of October to withdraw remaining funds from their Bet365 accounts.

The Romanian regulator said in a statement: “Please note that by the no. 2723 decision published on 13.10.2015, the right of Hillside Gaming LP and Hillside Sports LP jointly offering gambling services by their gaming platform accessible via the website has been cancelled.

“The company has been warned not to accept players who access their site from Romanian IPs or Romanian players under the law from this day forward and to remit all funds of the players that have registered a game account.

“We warned the players that they have 30 days to withdraw all amounts held in accounts of the operator, after which all access to the site will be restricted.”

Bet365 did not respond to requests for comment. 

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