Atemi guarantees jobs and salaries amid Covid-19

23 March 2020

iGaming affiliate marketing specialist Atemi has guaranteed every staff member’s role and pay amid the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, going as far as to offer support if spouses or partners are laid off.

Atemi has pledged to contribute to home office costs of up to £250 (€270/$291) per employee, as well as providing interest-free loans where requested.

Furthermore, if any employee’s spouse or partner is laid off, Atemi will provide £1,000 per month net of tax, until the situation improves.

“We are a successful and resilient company,” Atemi founder Richard Skelhorn explained. “I am very proud of our team who have shown an incredible ability to adapt to this challenging environment.  We have moved to home-working without skipping a beat and productivity is improving all the time.” 

“But, other companies may not be so resilient and we get that which is why we introduced this initiative,” he continued. “It is important we help everyone remain confident and focused on maintaining their health. Being able to sleep at night is a big part of that.”

While it is confident about its ability to weather the effects of the pandemic, Atemi has seen some impact from the current situation, namely through the global shut down of sports coming weeks after the launch of its betting comparison site

“It’s certainly a headwind we didn’t expect, but we’ll take this time to improve the product before hopefully re-launching in the summer,” Skelhorn added. “For now we’ll wait and see what the next few months brings.”