All-in to highlight diversity champions in new campaign

6 January 2020

The All-in Diversity Project, the gambling industry-backed initiative to drive greater diversity, equality and inclusivity in the sector, has announced that it will launch a major new campaign later this month.

The #opendoors campaign, which will launch fully on January 27 ahead of ICE 2020, will highlight people who have opened career doors for others in the sector, with ‘champions’ thanked by those who benefited from their support.

An ‘All-in’ badge will be available for ICE 2020 attendees to show their support for the initiative, while industry stakeholders have been invited to engage in the campaign by using the #opendoors hashtag.

The All-in Diversity Project creates and provides knowledge bases, workplace tool-kits, training plans, learning exchanges and interactive events.

“The idea behind #opendoors is simple,” says Kelly Kehn, the Project’s co-founder (pictured left). “If we really want to progress and be a more diverse and inclusive industry, we need to recognise that we did not get to where we are in our career without the help of someone along the way.

“By thanking someone who helped you, you are also pledging that you are willing to hold the door open for someone else who might need it. When we recognise that we didn’t get here alone, we are also recognising some people do not benefit from that support because of assumptions, bias, etc and immediately become more conscious of our differences.”

Last year, Women in Racing, an organisation committed to developing the profile of women in the sport of horse racing, signed up to the Project, joining the likes of Paddy Power Betfair, Caesars Entertainment, IGT and WMRecruit, which became the first independent recruitment agency to become a strategic partner of the not-for-profit initiative.

Project co-founder Christina Thakor-Rankin (pictured right) added: “Aside of the opportunity to celebrate those who champion others, we’re hoping that the association of a visual tag linked to some of the most successful individuals and companies in the industry says it all – diversity works.”

A dedicated Facebook group has been set up to help industry members to share their stories for the campaign.