AGA updates responsible gaming code

3 August 2017

The American Gaming Association (AGA) has released an updated version of its code of conduct, complete with a number of measures designed to help protect players.

The ‘Responsible Gaming Code of Conduct’ provides guidelines for the US gaming industry to place a greater focus on both promoting and practising responsible gaming.

The new code contains enhanced measures focused on consumer protection and the transparency of games, as well as heightened employee training programs.

The code also features new consumer protection measures, such as enhanced transparency related to casino game’s odds and payouts, enhanced transparency in advertising and ensuring advertising or marketing does not misrepresent the probability of players winning.

In addition, the AGA has said the code is now applicable to all forms of gaming.

The code previously only applied to land-based activities, but the new version will now also be applicable to mobile and interactive gaming.

“The code seeks to enhance the industry’s commitment to protecting players and regularly seeking opportunities for industry-wide improvement” the AGA said.

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