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    In the second part of's interview with Vermantia chief executive Filippos Antonopoulos, he discusses the importance of a diversified geographic footprint, and explains why he sees the supplier's majority shareholder Arena Racing Company as one of the most exciting businesses in the industry.

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    20 May 2014

    The World Cup is a major opportunity for sportsbook and exchange operators to recruit new players and increase volume, but with it comes a month of high traffic and surges in demand. Jesper Jensen of Tipico, Mike Ellis of and Marc Thomas of SISBetting talk us through the challenges of keeping operator platforms running.

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    19 May 2014

    iGaming Business publishes the second instalment of iXP Consulting's audit of poker operators' customer service and support teams. The first part looked at the overall state of the sector and how client support fitted into its wider context.The second part looks at operators' email response times and product knowledge.




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    3 October 2013

    The debate on what's best, mobile native app or HTML5, could go on forever and (understandably maybe) doesn't get everyone's juices going. But there are key criteria that must be considered when choosing between the two platforms and the reason is simple: users spend more time on their smartphones or tablets surfing the web, as Dr Chris Chrisostomidis of Intralot Interactive explains.