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    Whether it's tweaks to Google’s algorithms or mobile-first indexing, igaming marketers are having to constanly adapt their approach to SEO with a re-focus on content, video or user engagement, says Martyn Hannah.

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    Play It Gaming is a real money and social mobile gaming developer focusing on emerging markets and feature phones, co-founder Cory Cleveland explains why mobile and digital innovation, coupled with growing income levels among Indians, Brazilians or Chinese citizens, will lead the way in opening up the sheer volume of players in those markets.

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    3 October 2013

    The debate on what's best, mobile native app or HTML5, could go on forever and (understandably maybe) doesn't get everyone's juices going. But there are key criteria that must be considered when choosing between the two platforms and the reason is simple: users spend more time on their smartphones or tablets surfing the web, as Dr Chris Chrisostomidis of Intralot Interactive explains.