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    18 November 2016

    GAN's journey has taken some dramatic turns since it started 14 years ago, but chief executive Dermot Smurfit believes it will ultimately reap success in the “wide open goal” that is the US market.

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    The convergence of traditional and social casino has been mentioned for as long as the social vertical has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in online gaming. For Samer Ragheb, marketing director at development studio Plumbee, there are some synergies between the two but they remain distinct, which is why a hybrid approach works so well for his company.    

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    9 May 2014

    The third and concluding part of iXP Consulting's audit of the quality online casinos' customer support teams looks at their personalisation and friendliness levels, going the extra mile and iXP's closing remarks.

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    3 October 2013

    Sports betting remains the key growth driver in mobile gambling currently, but many factors are falling into place, one of most notable ones being forthcoming regulation in the US, which will make mobile casino the leading vertical in the sector according to Juniper Research, and enable global stakes to go from US$19.5bn 2011 to more than US$100bn in 2017.