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    Real-money igaming operators have been jumping into the social gaming vertical while social companies are equally interested in the real money equivalent.

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    15 May 2013

    Setting the right key performance indicators (KPIs) is a vital ingredient for success in the igaming space. Daniela Castillo, marketing and communications manager at iMovo, explains how operators can get a long term perspective of all the data at their disposal and how they can make use of it

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    8 May 2013

    Big data is... big news for the online gaming industry and more specifically for the social gaming sector. Daniel Fiske, co-founder and chief technology officer of Clickfun Casino, explains why igaming companies should make more use of their metrics in order to offer an even better product to their players

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    15 October 2012

    Some sports properties that will not associate themselves with sportsbooks for moral reasons, but relationships between betting companies and sports rights owners are becoming increasingly important.

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    8 October 2012

    This mobile betting overview is an extract from the 2012  Digital sports betting report published by iGaming Business

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    5 October 2012

    With personalisation and localisation of services high on the agenda of many gaming operators, understanding the demographics and motivations of sports bettors can greatly enhance the effectiveness of product development strategies and customer retention initiatives. 

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    4 October 2012

    Mobile betting or gaming is now ubiquitous and all encompassing as data and information is available at the tip of our fingers. This excerpt from the iGaming Business Digital sports betting report looks at 'Betting and connected portable devices', notably how smartphones are getting even smarter and download for mobile apps.

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    10 April 2012

    How do you compete in an already congested but lucrative market? Simon Trim, Managing Director at Sporting Solutions and Grant Storry, VP Business Development at Bet Smart Media, offer their thoughts. 

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    3 February 2012

    With the London Olympics looming large on the horizon this Summer, Nicky Senyard, chief executive of affiliate management specialist Income Access, explains how operators and affiliates can make the most of the biggest sports event in the world.