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    Arguments in favour of including a bad actor clause in California's iPoker legislation are clearly driven by interests vested in keeping PokerStars out and based on an arbitrary 2006 cutoff date, writes online gaming consultant Matt Kaufman, but he still doesn’t see it ending well for poker’s global giant.

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    25 March 2014

    The introduction of the Point of Consumption tax in the UK is a major milestone for the igaming sector, but integrating land-based and remote gaming activities, catering to the mobile and tablet punters and being able to work off strong customer loyalty and brand awareness will be just as important, explain Simon Oaten, lead partner, and David Perry, senior manager, Betting and Gaming Team at Deloitte.

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    25 November 2013

    The UK is set to introduce the point of consumption tax at the end of 2014, Nick Nocton, Director at Jeffrey Green Russell, explains what the context will be and says UK-focused operators must prepare for what will be a momentous event in igaming regulation in the market. 

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    12 November 2013

    With several operators struggling with real-time product delivery, Luigi Giuri, founder and chief executive of Wirex, took the decision earlier this year to ensure his organisation was able to cope with the current and future demands of both new technology and customer needs. He explains how he implemented Lightstreamer, a software solution that enables real-time messaging on mobile, web and desktop apps.