New Client LottoPalace Seals Partnership with Red Bull 400

LottoPalace is among the official partners of Red Bull’s insane uphill race

03 September 2015

One of the latest online lottery portals powered by LOTTOTECH – LottoPalace has partnered with Red Bull for their extreme endurance challenge Red Bull 400. LottoPalace will sponsor all Red Bull 400 events for the 2015/2016 season.

LottoPalace is providing a unique variety of international lotteries at best prices in combination with great syndicate and group play features for increased chances of winning at a shared cost. Powered by LOTTOTECH’s innovative online lottery software solution, LottoPalace enables lottery enthusiasts across Europe to play and win the world’s biggest and most exciting lotteries online through a fun and easy-to-use cross-device platform.

Red Bull 400 is the steepest running race in Europe and beyond. Launched in 2011, it takes the classic athletics distance of 400 meters almost vertically up to a ski jumping hill for one excruciating, pure uphill sprint, attracting hundreds of enthusiasts ranging from professional runners and athletes to sheer amateurs.
This year, Red Bull 400 has stepped out to conquer US and Europe’s most magnificent ski jumps, taking this ultimate endurance challenge on a truly global scale.

Last weekend at the Red Bull 400 race in Bischofshofen, Germany, LottoPalace kept the spirit high with a Hurricane Box and strong brand presence on banners and jerseys.

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