New and Redesigned - Now Live launches new and redesigned website that presents clear and comprehensive information to the Bitcoin casino community.
Launched in 2013, this website takes pride in its latest look made even better by the premium value given to content. features an extensive range of brand reviews, game reviews, and more articles that provide high-quality useful details. The new also provides an interactive comment function where users can freely voice out their concerns, whether good or bad. They can also give a 1-5 rating to help other players decide which casinos are perfect for them. At the same time, this website presents objective reviews complete with all the information players need to know.
“Our website always stays true to our mission and I’m glad now that I’m positive with how the market—players and operators—will benefit from Best Bitcoin,” said Ellen Chan, Creative manager at Best Bitcoin Casino. Users can still have access to the daily news and expect an improved overall experience as they navigate their way through the redesigned
CoinPoint, a premier digital marketing agency with expertise in the Bitcoin markets, played a vital role in the redesign of the new and sales management.