Gambling Channel 

8 November 2001

The UK's number one website,, today announced the launch of its own 'Gambling Channel' - offering users multiple gambling and gaming services from the UK's top names. This is the first dedicated gambling site MSN, Microsoft's network of consumer services, has launched in the UK.

The comprehensive new MSN Gambling Channel will cover four areas of gambling and gaming from launch, including Fixed odds, Casino, Lottery and Pools, with other areas following post-launch. The launch positions MSN as the only single network of integrated services on the web to offer customers a choice of gambling options from leading partners.

In line with its successful retail strategy, MSN is aiming to de-mystify the sector. Its aim is to turn gambling from a niche into a mainstream online service by providing users with comprehensive guidelines and descriptions of the online experience and partnering with the biggest and most established offline and online brand names.

The MSN Gambling Channel will feature a mix of the top gambling names offline with the newest and best online including, Sun International - the world's biggest international casino operator,, Spin Room and Totopools. These partners will give potential and casual customers increased confidence to experiment with online fferings and experienced users access to industry leaders.

Users will be able to access the best odds available for the bet they want through comprehensive odds search engine provided by Bet Genius.

The dedicated MSN Gambling Channel will be accessed from a permanent link on MSN's home page, currently visited by over thirteen million visitors a month. In addition, contextual advertising, topical offers and tailored editorial throughout the MSN site will drive targeted traffic to the new channel and provide gambling partners with the most progressive platform for their services on the web.

Amanda Anthony, MSN Business Marketing Manager, said: 'This new initiative is a huge opportunity for MSN and our partners. Gambling is the biggest growth area on the Internet and we believe its true potential as a traffic and revenue driver has yet to be fully realised.

The MSN Gambling Channel gives our wide customer base access to an unrivalled range of the best gambling services and names and it gives our partners access to an unparalleled audience and range of digital marketing solutions.'