Mobile Gambling, Marketing and Operations 2013 and Beyond

Mobile Gambling, Marketing and Operations 2013 and Beyond - Understanding the Mobile Paradigm combines the collective learning and experiences of operators and suppliers in the sector to present you with in-depth insight and analysis on the key areas now defining mobile gambling, as well as looking to the future. To request more information about this report please fill out the form below.

Juniper Research released new projections in early 2013 for the global mobile platform, anticipating that by 2017 mobile turnover will reach $100 billion. It is no longer a question of entering the mobile space, but rather how are you mobilising your business to push forward and create, rather than react to, the opportunities the platform affords


This Report Will Offer You:

  • Insight into the key players in the industry and which business models are most successful.
  • An analysis of the different payment methods
  • An overview of different devices and their target markets (by sector and country).
  • A look into the future of mobile development and how many are opting for a hybrid of HTML5 and App development.
  • Guide on how to mobalise your business
  • Significant trends occurring in the sector which will effect on mobile gambling
  • In-depth look at the new mobile marketing techniques