Microgaming and Sunny Casinos 

21 November 2001

Microgaming has joined Sunny Casinos as well as several gaming and non-charitable businesses in offering financial support to Caribbean children living with Aids. Their contribution to AidsChildren.org has been applauded and welcomed by the M.A.S Foundation.

AidsChildren.org, which is run by the registered non-profit organization M.A.S Foundation, provides medicine for Children Living with Aids. The Cyril Ross Home, which houses HIV/AIDS affected orphans in Trinidad, West Indies, is their main beneficiary.

'It is an honor for Microgaming to be able to contribute to a worthy cause like Children Living with Aids,' said Roger Raatgever from Microgaming Software Systems. '2001 brings us to 20 years with the AIDS epidemic and every day children are still dying by the thousands. Our contribution is a drop in the ocean; however; we feel that if we save one child, other responsible businesses will take our lead and do the same. '

Sunny Casinos' online casinos MaPau and Casino Fortune have already committed to covering all administrative costs for the charity. That apart, Sunny Casinos also acts as sponsor for two children from the Cyril Ross Home by covering all their medical cost.

Sunny Casinos, according to the Public/Media Relations Manager, Sherlan, also take great pride in their civic work. 'We at Sunny Casinos believe in giving back,' said Sherlan. 'Recently we have launched an online Goat Race to bring Christmas gifts and good cheer to Children living with Aids. This is just one example of our philosophy. We are excited that Microgaming has joined us and we challenge all our partners to do the same by visiting and donating at AidsChildren.org.'

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