Malta Tennis Network Now Open

An online network for tennis players in Malta and Gozo was launched this month on


The aim of the network is to gather all active players in one place, where a user-friendly interface makes it simple to find and challenge evenly matched opponents. Players at all levels, from beginners to semi-professionals, have already registered.


The Malta Tennis Network will host a ladder (league play without fixed match dates) and occasional tournaments. It is free to join. The network was set up by All-In Translations, a Malta-based language service provider which specialises in iGaming.


“Tennis is more fun with Malta Tennis Network. It adds motivation and makes it much easier to find and challenge evenly matched players. A good excuse to get away from the computer with the Pentasia Clubs league drawing to a close”, said founder Roy Pedersen.


You can register an account here. You can also find Malta Tennis Network on Facebook.