Maintaining customer experience while adopting new verification regulations

9 April 2019

As of May 7, new regulations from the GB Gambling Commission will require operators to verify players name, address and date of birth at registration before allowing them to gamble.

This move towards tighter regulations surrounding responsible gambling is unsurprising, but poses significant challenges for operators. In addition to various new requirements and uncertainties, operators also have the natural concern of how it will impact players’ registration journeys.

Recently, in an interview with iGaming Business, James Hiller, business development manager at Onfido said: “Over the last year we’ve seen different partners and people talk to us with the hope of pre-empting the upcoming changes in legislation. Lots of operators have faced fines and there are plenty of scare stories going around. Everyone is trying to figure out the best way to adapt.”

At ICE 2019, Onfido led discussions on the topic, and their resulting sense is that while some responsible operators see this era of change as a positive, the guidance from the GC is not prescriptive; with Hiller commenting “It says what they should do, not what they categorically have to do.”

“While they leave certain things to the discretion of operators, they’re also fining them for getting it wrong,” he says. “The anxiety is that while it’s a positive move, there’s not enough guidance on how to actually get it right.” According to him operators are not prepared for the increased cost of earlier identification, and he predicts the number of verifications to increase by four or five times.

In an upcoming iGaming Business webinar, Onfido will discuss the new measures and offer advice to operators on how best to leverage them.

Also speaking in the webinar will be Christina Thakor-Rankin, principal consultant at 1710 gaming. She will give in-depth insight into new regulations including age verification, money laundering and POCA, multi-accounting and ID rental.

Register now for this webinar, which will take place on Wednesday 17th April 2019 at 15:00 BST.