LOTTOTECH Holds Its First Official Summit

The lottery platform rising star provider hosted its first all-in company meeting
15 May 2015
LOTTOTECH is on a steady mission to redefine the rules of the online lottery industry. As our innovative multi-channel cross-platform solution is attracting a growing number of clients, we are establishing ourselves as the leading lottery platform provider on the market. This strategic period is the perfect timing for thefirst LOTTOTECH official summit, which gathered all company staff and management together for an afternoon of presentations and open discussions.
The summit featured standalone presentations from LOTTOTECH’s executive management, who outlined the main functions of all company departments and talked at length about the company’s history, structure, goals and long-term business strategy. Employees were introduced with LOTTOTECH’s generous social benefits policy and were delighted to learn that the company will hold its first ever team building at the end of May in Chalkidiki, Greece.
Presentations by the Head of Product and Head of Account Management provided invaluable insight into the platform’s core functionalities and the LOTTOTECH customer service approach. The summit concluded with an overview of the company’s 3-5 year exit strategy.
The LOTTOTECH team is ambitious to cement the company’s position as a market leader and is looking forward to shaping a successful future together.
LOTTOTECH is a leading lottery software provider, which offers a sophisticated end-to-end solution for online lottery businesses. Founded in 2013, the company offers numerous advantages such as a wide variety of games, skins, features and specialized lotto tools that guarantee an outstanding gaming experience and increased revenues. For additional information about LOTTOTECH, please visit or follow @LOTTOTECH on Twitter.