LOTTOTECH Develops New Solution for the U.S. Market

The leading lottery platform provider is working on its first region-specific offering
28 July 2015
LOTTOTECH is about to launch a new solution dedicated exclusively to the U.S. market. This is the very first product the company is designing specifically to meet the demand of a particular geographic region and jurisdiction.
The new solution will enable U.S. players to order tickets for their favorite home state lotteries online, for the same price as in the local kiosk. It has been conceived in full compliance and coordination with U.S. authorities and regulatory commissions and will operate on a special business model that does not derive profit based on the lottery ticket itself.
As the industry’s leading software provider, LOTTOTECH is committed to invest effort and resources to diversify its offerings and to tailor its advanced technology towards the specific business objectives and audience demands of individual markets and regions. The new solution will come as an addition to the White Label, API, Licensee and Affiliate solutions that are already offered by the company.
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