LOTTOTECH Conquers the Online Lottery Market through Constant Innovation

The leading lottery software provider reveals new exciting platform features
11 June 2015
Since its launch in 2013, LOTTOTECH has grown quickly from a brave newcomer to the leading lottery platform provider. Our revolutionary lottery platform has redefined the rules of the global lottery scene by making the world’s biggest lotteries available for anyone, anywhere, while ensuring steady growth and long-term profitability for our partners.
As the LOTTOTECH family is expanding, the company is increasing the amount of effort and resources invested in product improvement, diversification and innovation. Among the most recent additions to the LOTTOTECH platform offerings is an unlimited subscription service, “NEVER MISS A DRAW”, which enables lottery enthusiasts to purchase tickets for their favorite lotteries around the globe automatically while saving time and money. The new feature is available with Standard and Group Play tickets for all LOTTOTECH clients.
Due to the great interest in secondary lotto, LOTTOTECH is operating at full R&D capacity in order to guarantee long-term platform stability and impeccable performance. “Our product roadmap contains cutting-edge features and developments that are unique for the market and haven’t been done before. We are very excited to be at the forefront of this game-changing process and we can’t wait to share these innovations with our partners and all lottery lovers around the world”, said LOTTOTECH CEO Delzar Khalaf.
LOTTOTECH is a leading lottery software provider, which offers a sophisticated end-to-end solution for online lottery businesses. Founded in 2013, the company offers numerous advantages such as a wide variety of games, skins, features and specialized lotto tools that guarantee an outstanding gaming experience and increased revenues. For additional information about LOTTOTECH, please visit or follow @LOTTOTECH on Twitter.