LOTTOTECH Brings Unique New Features to the Digital Lottery Scene

The latest lottery platform release boosts the competitive edge of all LOTTOTECH clients
13 July 2015
LOTTOTECH – the world’s #1 lottery platform provider just launched a solid number of new features and upgrades that will enhance user experience, providing at the same time more flexibility and functionality to our back office management system. The improvements have been designed specifically to boost the performance of our clients’ websites and to make user management more versatile and efficient than before.
In terms of purchase flow optimization, players are now able to buy tickets for their favorite lotteries with one single click, thanks to the new Quick Buy functionality. A 1-click buy option of such kind not only improves customer journey throughout the website, but generates increased revenues for the operator and facilitates strategic market positioning. On top of that, we have now added a unique feature that enables players to pick or edit their lucky numbers for Standard tickets directly in the shopping cart, without any additional actions required. This feature isthe first innovation of such kind for the online lottery market, providing a singular player experience and an exclusive competitive advantage for our clients.
In terms of promotions and bonuses improvements, we have now extended our Subscription functionality to cover Package and Combo Deals in addition to the already existing Standard Ticket and Group Play Subscriptions. The extension unleashes lottery marketers’ creativity to fine-tune their user acquisition and retention strategies, boost sales and optimize costs with unparalleled ease and efficiency. Another strong bonus tool and revenue generator – the Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion, is now available for Group Ticket shares, too, giving our clients a powerful and cost-efficient way to attract and retain players.
For the past couple of months, LOTTOTECH has focused on expanding its IT and R&D capacity to ensure platform stability and flawless performance across all brands and white labels. We will continue to introduce game-changing improvements and innovations that will boost our clients’ businesses and will push them ahead of the competition.
LOTTOTECH is a leading lottery software provider, which offers a sophisticated end-to-end solution for online lottery businesses. Founded in 2013, the company offers numerous advantages such as a wide variety of games, skins, features and specialized lotto tools that guarantee an outstanding gaming experience and increased revenues. For additional information about LOTTOTECH, please visit or follow@LOTTOTECH on Twitter.