LCB celebrates 80k registered members

One of the greatest products LCB has to offer, among many other things, is its enormous forum that has been slowly built over the years. Every time we mention it in conversation with our partners they raise eyebrows in astonishment because they can’t believe the numbers. Today we are happy to announce a new milestone, a new success for our already successful story. LCB has reached (drumroll please) 80,000 registered members! This vast amount of people, our dear members, is the proof that we are doing something right!
Since its conception we had a goal of creating a safe and transparent environment for our members to post, share their feedback and complaints. It soon branched into many different sections offering various industry related topics. The forum is regularly looked after and updated by our vigilant team of moderators, making sure that everything runs smoothly and that people are being friendly to each other. We can’t even begin to explain how proud we were to welcome that 80,000th member to our community, and since then we had 160 more! We were celebrating the number back then but that wasn’t enough for us so we decided to throw a party on Friday as well, to celebrate once again in the office.  
LCB is a trusted longstanding affiliate that has gained numerous awards since its beginning in 2006. We offer extensive lists of online casinos covering every possible category in the industry, a list of over 3,500 casino bonuses of which over 800 are the exclusive ones. We have the largest casino forum with an access to over 260 casino representatives with individual support topics. Our members have access to over 3,000 free casino games that they can play instantly on our site. In addition to all this we created the LCB Shop which proved to be a great success and a great boost to our forum community, members are now rewarded for their activity on our site and they love it!
Even though we speak in numbers, and 80,000 members is a big one, we get to meet and greet a lot of those people on daily bases, we got to know and love them. And I think that this is a big part of our success with the forum – LCB’s individual, friendly approach and the fact that we put players in the first place. We cherish fairness and transparency and they keep coming back knowing they will get exactly that, with consistence of an award winning website that stood the test of time.