Team Lead - Software Development

€50,000 - €60,000 (DOE)
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Published date: 
13 December 2018
Job Description: 

Have you ever considered working for one of the top most innovative gaming platforms in the Gaming industry who have been nominated for a slate of awards, such as ‘Best Software Platform’ by EGR, ‘Innovator of the Year’ at the iGaming Awards of 2014 and winners of the‘Software Rising Star of the Year’ of 2014 by EGR?

Work on a high-level iGaming platform service used by companies of all levels from start-ups to top operators.

I am looking to recruit top players in their respective fields; stars who do not shy away from innovating, and taking bold steps with those ideas to see them realised!

Who you are?

As our new Team Leader in Software Development, you will oversee several important tasks, like the following:

  • Our people are our greatest asset and as a team lead you have the significant task of assisting, supporting, engaging and developing your team of people
  • Provide accurate estimates based on documentation produced by business analysts, third parties, and other technical employees.
  • Clarify and produce technical notes to specification where needed for your team to work more effectively.
  • Maintain and set appropriate standards and technical processes, including productivity enhancements, quality measures, and customer oriented standards
  • Responsible for performing regular code reviews and provide input for the performance based KPI system.

You will be a successful Candidate, if you can identify yourself with the following criteria:

  • An IT- related degree
  • 7+ years of development experience in C# & MySQL
  • You are able to develop & understand some or most of the following technologies: – C#, LINQ, MySQL, Redis, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, MongoDB, React, SASS
  • Actively Seek New Programming Knowledge & keep up with the latest trends
  • Previous experience in leading teams
  • Experience in High Transactional Systems
  • A good command of the English language is an important asset!

As a personality….

  • You are indeed a goal oriented person! Everyone knows that when you take on a task, big and scary, small and boring or any other combination, you set your mind to complete it in the best of your ability!
  • You are always seen as the person who is proud of his / her work and you have fun doing it!
  • You fully understand that the team depends on you to encourage them and move them forward to success. They also depend on you to guide them through hard times and ultimately become champions!
  • You realise that everyone makes mistakes, and for that, sometimes we look bad. It is the process behind it which makes us better, where we learn from it, teach others about it, and find ways not to repeat it. You also understand that leading a team is also about making sure this process is happening at all hours of the day, all days of the year
  • You care about how your work and attitude affects those around you. And we really mean, you care. If you hurt someone, it hurts you. Everything you do is funnelled through this logic
  • As a team leader, you must comprehend that one of your biggest responsibilities is first and foremost communication. You are also able to delegate tasks effectively, understand strengths & weaknesses of the team and mitigate accordingly.
  • Teaching, learning & helping your co-workers is part of your Kernel
  • You are able to make fearless choices, brave decisions and courageous actions, which ultimately challenge the status quo, for a better tomorrow!

Does this sound like you? Are you ready to take your career to the next level?