Head Of Operations

Salary Package is based on Experience
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Published date: 
18 May 2020
Job Description: 

A company is looking for a Head of Operations, who is creative and good at thinking from the perspective of customers, to join our core team in order to provide the best gaming experience for customers.


  • Being in charge of the Operation and Marketing.
  • Formulating and implementing annual, quarterly, and monthly operation plans.
  • Combining brand’s operation strategy with relevant resource to promote the implementation of strategy, ensure that performance goal is achieved.
  • Managing and coordinating the Customer Service, Payments, KYC and AML aspects of the business.
  • Managing planning, optimization, and stabilizing operation.
  • Creating operational analysis reports and adjusting operation strategy, to achieve the goal by enhancing the brand.
  • Understanding customer experience and their needs.
  • Increasing the product market share.
  • Improving website operations daily, product updates, and page optimization, and improve overall design standards to enhance brand appeal, therefore enhancing customer loyalty and experience.
  • Establishing the organization structure and positions for the team, and optimize business processes according to company's business strategy.
  • Allocating human resources and training team members.
  • Evaluating performance of operation management team to improve the efficiency of the department.


  • Bachelor degree or above, science and engineering majors are preferred.
  • 5+ years of Operation experience in Customer Service, Payments, KYC and AML.
  • Fluent in Mandarin and English.
  • Familiar with the internet and the digital industry.
  • Strong business sense and capable of planning.
  • Have In-depth understanding of customer needs, product iteration ability, marketing planning ability and product planning ability.
  • Have experience in comprehensive operation methodological accumulation and team management. Have experience in leading and training excellent operation team.
  • Have high self-drive, promoting ability and leadership skills.
  • Have excellent business analysis and judgment skills with a solid insight in data analysing.
  • Have strong logical thinking skills and problem analysis skills.
  • Have ability to organize requirements, good communication and coordination skills.
  • Needs to be a good team player as well as to be a good independent contributor.
  • Based in Taiwan.