22 July 2020

While the Gambling Related Harm APPG was the first to plant its flag in the sand ahead of the GB legislative review, it was quickly superseded by reports from bodies closer to the legislative levers of government.

First, the Public Accounts Committee issued its indictment of current gambling regulation under the Gambling Commission and the DCMS. Then on 1 July, the House of Lords published the first evidence-based report and 66 recommendations to address gambling-related harms, from stake limits and affordability checks to bans on inducements outside of VIP schemes.

Unsurprisingly the strongest response came from the business that has led the way in voluntarily introducing CSR initiatives, GVC, which welcomed the “thoughtful and measured contribution” to the debate, backed further reform and released a poll showing broad public support of gambling as a legitimate leisure activity.

As evidenced by the devastating impact on some GB operators of being forced to remove reverse withdrawal options under Covid-19, GVC clearly understands better than its peers that early steps on your own terms towards this new public health-driven model makes for a far less painful and disruptive transition.​

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