4 February 2020

There’s no sugar coating the fact: 2019 was an incredibly difficult year for the gambling industry. The sector has a long way to go if it is to restore the trust of lawmakers and the general public across a number of territories.

However, this should be viewed as an opportunity. The current climate creates scope for significant structural changes, which can ensure a sustainable sector going forward. For this reason the overarching theme of the magazine is: where next?

In this issue we have focused on covering the industry names that are working to implement real change. This ranges from businesses that have stood the test of time, to those just starting out with fresh ways of tackling old problems, to disrupt the established industry order.

We have also worked to highlight new opportunities, both in terms of new markets for growth, as well as new technologies and products. Through this, it’s clear that while things are at a low ebb, there is significant potential, and 2020 could provide a springboard for the sector’s rebirth.

We hope you enjoy the issue, and if you’re reading this at ExCeL for ICE London, we’re on the show floor so please get in touch if you’re keen to meet.

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    1 March 2013

    While Nevada has reformed its gaming legislation so that its poker rooms no longer need to wait for federal regulation or DoJ approval to go online, New Jersey and Delaware have successfully passed legislation bringing their full suites of casino products online. But what impact will this have on operators in European markets? The expertise of existing iGaming operators will now be greatly sought after in the three aforementioned states.